How to download pou for android

Download PouSome new applications are the first in the ranking of the most downloaded, thanks to the wisdom of its developers that end up being big developers and publishers of the application, where it binds the ingredients that make a great app, thus forming a success, many know that this is the reason, for example, Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds are applications that win the attention of users, we could not leave out the most known and beloved virtual in the English language, the evolution of the Tamagotchi and accompany us almost any mobile device: Pou

What is pou?

Yes, pou is now one of the most downloaded and used by people who speak English, it has the old mechanical tamagochi and evolves to reach all devices like tablets or smarthphones.

The application is about a virtual pet that you take care of it: in the bathroom,in the food, the sleep and many other actions and decisions, the application sends a signal to your smartphone that will force you to open the application and see your “friend”, this is the reason for you must download pou for android, which certainly has the version on the Android system available for smart phones and tablets.

Where  can I download it?


You can download pou for android to quickly and easily through the “store” in Google Play on your smart phone, or even download to your computer through several websites that provide a direct link to it, and then download using a USB cable to send information that will help the future installation and access to the most downloaded apps in USA. One of the sites, which many say is the best to download it from Google Play, which is nothing more than the Google store that offers many applications and games for the Android system

Why download pou for android in my phone?

Surely, if you have the urge to care for a pet, but you not have enough time or space, you can do with your android, downloading pou for android and play it, if the pou die, you will restart the game and play again!

In brief, pou for android is a game you should not miss and you must download for Google Play. With this game, you will learn some values such as the happiness, the certainly… these cause that you will have fun! Download it!

Download It!

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